Rev Troy Perry at the National Equality March
October 11-12, 2009

Rev Perry, and the Elders, started the day at MCC Washington DC.  What better way to start the morning of a march?
Thanks to Jason O'Neill for sharing these photos.

Rev Perry's invocation at the beginning of the rally - to a HUGE crowd.

Thanks for John Hassell for these photos.

The Clip of the Invocation on YouTube (click here)

Rev Perry ROCKED during his invocation at the National Equality March.

He read a letter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and invoked the spirits of many historic names as well as contemporary heroes and sheroes.  It was a powerful and moving invocation lasting over 5 minutes.

The weekend of October 11-12, Rev Perry spoke at the National Equality March in Washington DC.  If you have photos of him, please send to and we'll post here - with photo credit.  Thanks!

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