Rev Perry and Phillip at the White House With 200 GLBT Leaders
June 29, 2009


Monday was a very significant day.  Not only did President and First Lady Obama host a reception for 200 LGBT leaders, but it was also Phillip's birthday!  And yes, the rumors are true - Phillip did receive a birthday hug and peck from the First Lady.  He also gave her a copy of Call Me Troy.

It was also a great day for picture taking - as shown by these photos by Phillip.

Rev Perry, Phillip De Blieck, Rev Candy and Rev Elder Darlene

Rev Perry with Franklin Kameny * (see below)

I'd say Phillip was pretty close.  What do you think?

Even at the White House, Elder Darlene is busy!

Rev Candy - practicing?

What a finish to a wonderful day!

From Frank Zerilli, Rev Perry's Confidential Assistant for over 30 years: "The picture of Troy standing with the gentleman in front of George Washington's picture is Franklin Kameny (who was fired for being gay and sued the govt in the 1950's and lost and also ran for congress in 1971 and lost.  BTW, in 1971 I took a bus down to DC with the GAA to work on Kameny's campaign--I walked precincts.  I just recently found my paper badge with my name on it that said "Kameny staff")"

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