God Box Demonstration /
UFMCC Staff Photo

June 24, 1994 / November 1994



|Rev. Kittredge Cherry speaks at Hands Around the God-Box, a prayer demonstration to end homophobia in the church.  MCC founder Troy Perry is clearly visible in the crowd.  Hands Around the God Box was an interfaith prayer vigil to end religious homophobia.  It was held at the Interchurch Center in New York City on June 24, 1994. More than 500 people from 15 lesbian and gay religious groups joined hands and were linked by a rainbow ribbon that completely encircled the Interchurch Center at 475 Riverside Drive.


The staff at UFMCC international headquarters in November 1994 was, from left, front: Elsa Martinez, Frank Zerilli, Dana Cagle, D.J. Bowling, Bob Heydt, Kittredge Cherry, Nancy Fackrell; back: Don Eastman, David Martin, Farley Peterson, Troy Perry, Ravi Verma, Stephen Pieters, Nathan Meckley and Eric Topp.  They are standing on the roof of the building that housed their offices at 5300 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles.  Note the Hollywood sign in the distance.  Photo by Tri Tran.


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