Rev Perry in the print medium.

  • The very first article on MCC – in the Los Angeles Times, December 8, 1968
  • The MCC Newsletter from June 15, 1969 – an interesting read for the culture of the time.
  • A very comprehensive biography of young Rev Perry runs pages 3 – 6 of the MCC one-year anniversary newsletter (October 1969 issue). The biography is told by Mom Perry to Melinda Napier in an interview and includes anecdotes not generally revealed.
  • Rev Perry’s first book: The Lord is My Shepherd and He Knows I’m Gay 1972
  • Thomas Swicegood story of MCC: Our God Too (1974)
  • Rev Perry’s book: Don’t Be Afraid Anymore (1990)
  • Rev Perry’s book: 10 Spiritual Truths for Gays and Lesbians * (* And Everyone Else)

Many of these books are decades old, but still relevant.  As is the case with most things today, if you can’t find it, check the web.