Phillip and my video Christmas card

Phillip and I have posted our 2017 Christmas card video for all of our friends.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and blessed 2018.

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Attended Founders MCC 9am Worship December 3

It was a joy and a delight to attend worship services at Founders MCC and see long time friends.


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Rev Perry Interviewed by BBC World Radio Service

I am one of the interviewees in this documentary from BBC world radio service. It is about the constitution of the United States and I talk about marriage equality during the last of it.

In an email from the BBC:

the final episode in our BBC World Service Radio documentary series about the history of democracy in America will have its first broadcast on November 15th 2017 on the BBC World Service. This will be followed by numerous other transmissions at various times over the rest of the week.
 The BBC World Service reaches an audience of many millions across the globe every week. The transmission schedule is complex, but you can find out more about how to listen here:
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