Shame on me, shame on you! Politics of exclusion

Shame on me, shame on you!
Politics of exclusion

I always had a dream that in the LGBTQ community, especially at our pride events, would welcome as many people to the table as possible.

I was so proud at our first pride parade when I saw people of all races, women, men, atheists, jews, transgender, veterans, lesbians, heterosexuals, christians, gays, and bisexuals all marching, or on floats, and in automobiles moving down Hollywood Boulevard. What a sight!

Over the years, I have fought to get LGBTQ individuals in police and fire departments, and in the US military (I am a Vietnam era veteran). I have to admit it, I learned a long time ago that I am a assimilationist. I have always loved it when my community broke down another barrier, to being a part of the larger community of this country. I have been proud to see members of our community, whether police officers, Muslin, gay Republicans, members of congress, Jews, or dykes on bikes join in our parades or marches.

I really like to read. History books are my forte. Many of those books tell me that movements can change from being inclusive to exclusive very quickly if we don’t remember history.

Some members of our community seem to already be going down that road.

I have just read that at Pride in one city did not want the police to march. In another, no gay flag with new black and brown strips to symbolize the racism felt by members of our community who are African-American or Hispanic. And yet another, no flag with the Star of David on it.

What next? No Gay Cops? No Trans Firefighters? No Bi Atheists? No Christian lesbians carrying flags with crosses on them? No to Heterosexual allies or the Straight and Gay Alliance from American high school students?

I hope not. We need all the allies we can get to fight against those would take away our rights.

That would make us just like the haters we claim we don’t want to be like.

Rev. Elder Troy D Perry
Metropolitan Community Churches

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