October 5, 2006

THURSDAY EVENING . Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Today, California's 1st District Court of Appeal ruled against the marriage lawsuit brought by Rev. Troy Perry and his spouse, Philip Ray DeBlieck.
Earlier this year, in the first round before the California Superior Court, the courts ruled in Troy's favor.
The outcome of today's ruling has always been considered an "interim" step -- it was understood that, regardless of today's outcome,  the losing party in today's ruling would appeal to the California State Supreme Court.
The ruling today was a 2-1 decision.
Rev. Perry and his spouse Philip will participate in a press conference in Los Angeles this afternoon, along with their attorney, Gloria Allred, and will announce plans for the appeals process.
The MCC Communications Department is organizing the Los Angeles Press Conference.
Notes expressing your support, encouragement, and prayers can be sent to Troy and Philip at RevTroyPerry@aol.com

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