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Rev. Troy D. Perry
Rev Perry in his red vestments

Gifted preacher, pastor,
public speaker, and Founder of
Metropolitan Community Churches

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UPDATED August 12! 

  • August 12 – Prayers for Charlottesville and the others
  • August 8 – MCC Loses a Prophet and a Healer; Celebrates the Life of Rev. Delores P. Berry
  • July 30th – See my visit to the Cathedral of Hope and the sermon I shared.  It was a wonderful celebration of their 47th anniversary and a chance to reunite with so many of my long time friends.
  • July 30th – Preaching at Cathedral of Hope for their 47th anniversary.
  • July 26th – The Global Justice Institute Condemns  New Ban on Transgender Service-members
  • July 12th – Pictures from the event are now posted.
  • on July 12th – Join us for a San Diego Interfaith Pride event: Light up the Cathedral.  Details at https://www.facebook.com/stpaulcathedralsd/
  • I invite you to read my latest essay: Shame on me, shame on you!
    Politics of exclusion
  • We’re back — after a few days of time-warping back to 2011, the hack we experienced earlier this week has been reversed and we are back to business as usual.  My thanks to those let me know of the problem; and those who helped get us back on the air.
  • My response to the statement by President Trump about the Cuba embargo.
  • Mark your calendars: October 31 – November 2: Rolling the Stone Away, First Ecumenical Conference of LGBTQ+ Prophets and Activists to tell our stories and inspire.
  • June 11Resist March was held in Los Angeles (as opposed to a parade this year)
  • June 8An interview becomes an article on the early days of CSW in Los Angeles
  • June 7Another story of the beginnings of CSW
  • June 3More news …. with  historical perspective
  • June 1 – June is a BUSY month for news – Be sure to check the upper right corner of this page for a list of links for the newest postings.
    • Today Phillip and I celebrate 32 years together!!
    • I have posted the text of my address to the Cenesex Award gathering
  • May 31 – A background piece on the history of West Hollywood!
  • May 20 – Mark Segal of Philadelphia Gay News has an op-ed piece on MCC in Cuba!
  • May 16 – We’re back from our second trip to Cuba – read my report of the wonderful events and celebrations!
  • Rev Troy and Phillip - Christmas 2016

Anyone wanting to view the groundbreaking documentary we made on MCC: God, Gays and the Gospel, can see it on YouTube at:

  1. part 1
  2. part 2
  3. part 3

After 37 years of life changing and world changing ministry, Rev Elder Dr Troy Perry retired from his role as moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches in 2005.  But not from his roles of preaching, public speaking and striving for social justice for GLBT people and all people around the world.

During his time as moderator of the denomination he met with many world leaders.  Among them Archbishop Desmond Tutu and three of the currently seated Presidents of the United States.  He has been invited to the White House by President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama.

Welcome to Rev Perry’s website, where we will explore the past, present and future of this exciting world leader’s life, through photographs, recordings, stories and ongoing events.

Rev Perry and Phillip

Photo by Phillip De Blieck

A photo of Rev Perry and his husband, Phillip Ray De Blieck. They were married in Canada, 2003.

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